I am in awe of the beautiful pollinators, bees, butterflies, and birds, that visit my backyard habitat. It’s as if they know that it was made just for them. The idea of the habitats are near and dear to me; it saddens me to think that so much of our wildlife is suffering and in danger of extinction.






The Monstera deliciosa is a beautiful tropical plant and surprisingly simple to care for. It is an excellent choice for an indoor plant that is spectacular. The plant is native in some tropical regions where it vines around trees. My experience has been to keep it simple with the Monstera deliciosa. This does not include the variegated varieties.

The plant does not like to be transplanted but once the initial adjustment period it does quite well. While the plant does like humidity, it does need to dry out a bit too. …

Purchasing plants online has become common place. I find it to be a convenient way to buy plants not available locally, and that are neither sprayed nor genetically modified. I support local growers and nurseries ,but with that criteria. I also have an online store on Etsy, and often get questions as to what to do with the plant once, it is received. I will be addressing some of those questions below.

All plants undergo some stress whenever they are moved from their established environment. When plants are shipped they go through additional stress such as the time in transit…

I have ditched the lawn and am keeping the “weeds”, nature is happy and so am I. How do I know nature is happy? There is life everywhere in my garden, pollinators galore! It turns out that the pollinators love and depend on those plants we label as weeds.

Yes, all young people need to hear this, but so do the rest of us. I will just point you to a video, of one way wiser than I, for…

On May 21st, 2020 CNBC reported that millionaires became richer by 434 billion dollars, during just 2 months of the lockdown. While most in the world were unable to work, the largest corporations were benefiting from the crisis. Many small businesses have been decimated during that same time, and will not reopen. There have been job losses everywhere, even in the health sector, somehow. I’ve compiled a few articles below that provides insights into some of these corporations. …

All the ingredients should be non-GMO and organic. For this recipe the herbs and the elderberries can either be fresh or dried, if neither are available powder can be used for the herbs.

The elderberries will need to be cooked, they should never be eaten raw. The elderberry has some natural chemicals that can produce a poison. These are deactivated by cooking the berries first.


2 cups elderberries

The short answer is that we don’t know. No safety studies have been done, by either the FDA or the FCC, nor independent studies by the industry as was evident by the testimony of Senator Blumenthal, at a senate hearing. On of February 6, 2019 , the senator questioned industry leaders and concluded

“There really is no research ongoing, we are kind of flying blind here, so far as health and safety is concerned.”

Unfortunately, this was not followed up with any type of an action plan to remedy the situation.

Senator Blumenthal Blasts FCC and FDA For No Research…

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